I have been passionate about fitness and helping people for as long as I can remember. My journey began in Los Angeles where I was born. Growing up I was always playing sports or out running around with the neighborhood kids. When I was 15 I joined the high school cross country team. Soon I realized my coach thought he was training us for the Olympics and forgot we were in highschool.  I remember working really hard and staying after school thinking why do all the other kids go home while I have to stay. Now looking back it was that experience that  taught me how to train for endurance, teamwork, and most of all not give up. Eventually we went on to win state championships in which I pride myself in being a part of it.

My life has not always been without struggle. In my early 20's I started eating and drinking excessively. I gained almost 30lbs over my healthy weight. I was really depressed and felt horrible. No energy, anxiety and an overall feeling of worthlessness. I decided enough was a enough and turned to fitness. Slowly I started to feel better about myself and gain confidence. I truly believe a healthy body is a healthy mind. I made a promise to myself to never go back to that lifestyle and kept that promise. If I did it you can to!

After College I decided to travel around the world. It was in Italy where I started to teach fitness classes to the local Milano's at a private studio called Amarna Blu. I quickly found I had a natural ability to inspire my clients and found great satisfaction in thier progress.

Upon returning to the United States I got certified as a Personal Trainer from the accredited ACE American Council of Exercise.

Soon after I started working at a all Women's Gym where I began to specialize with women and their needs. Working with women of all ages, I began to notice the different needs of her clients. I soon realized how training helped these women overcome personal obstacles and gain confidence in their health and lifestyles. I wanted to learn more to help my clients so I got specialized in Functional Training and  Behavioral Change.

My hopes are to use the collection of my life experiences to help inspire others to become their best self.

I use my intuitive abilities to help each client with their individual needs.  Each person is unique and deserves the resources and support to help reach their goals!

Whether you want to loose weight, become stronger, feel more confident, or keep the therapy bills down( joking but not really)  I am the person you need on your team!

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